Dreams for Oklahoma Non-Profit

Hello all,

Replenishing Oklahoma is a site to help promote the local food movement in Oklahoma. It will also be a resource for those wanting to start community gardens and other solutions for food deserts in Oklahoma.

Secondly, I’m looking for just a few people, with diverse skill-sets that can help set-up a non-profit and give people a second chance. Basically the foundation for the Replenishing Oklahoma non-profit boils down to a four step plan.

For now, I am starting Phase One of this plan, using my skills in marketing to build this website and create a network of existing community gardens and composting programs, farmers and local food programs.

Phase Two: Build Sustainable Communities

Healthy communities are the key to sustainable communities. Sustainability, the ability to maintain what we have, is necessary before we can start replenishing what we have taken without even realizing it. Community gardens and community composting programs are the first step for Replenishing Oklahoma non-profit. This website and I will serve as a resource to build a network of these programs throughout the state. This step will be the focus for the first 3 years of the non-profit. Once we have communities building and maintaining their community gardens and composting programs, we will move to phase two.

Phase Three: Sustainable Prison Programs

This might seem like quite a difference, but this is the start of what this program will be all about. Our prison system is a revolving door of crime and more crime. In order to stop the cycle, we need to do something different. If you can grow your own food, you can do anything. Growing your own food reduces dependency on others to supply for you, which reduces victim mentalities and hopelessness. You can new skills such as planning, nurturing, responsibility, perseverance and skills for gardening.

Being outdoors and putting your hands in the dirt, is scientifically proven to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and a host of other mental ailments. The food from the garden is fresh and contains more nutrients, which improves health and brain function. These benefits are huge for many, who have never been taught these kinds of life skills.

Phase Four: Oklahoma Farm

Ultimately, the aforementioned benefits will explode during this phase. This phase includes a several hundred acre farm where people recently released from prison can go through a 3-5 year program learning everything they need to know about farming. They learn to care for cows, pigs, bees, chickens, goats and learn how to grow their own food. As they cycle through the program they will be responsible for each section taking care of the animals, making products and selling them. They will save money to put toward their own land or for housing when they complete the program. They will learn other life skills to help them a successful life after completing the program.


If you have any interest to see a non-profit like Replenishing Oklahoma come to life, please contact me at replenishingoklahoma@gmail.com. Thank you so much for taking the time read through and I hope to hear from you soon!