Welcome to Replenishing Oklahoma

I, Kayla Kamp, founded Replenishing Oklahoma in 2019, as a site to help promote the local food movement in Oklahoma. I wanted to use my marketing background and passion to connect farmers with consumers, and host marketing resources for farmers to be outstanding in their fields. This website helps promote a variety of local food movements including farmers markets, community gardens and other solutions for food deserts in Oklahoma, too.

The site is new and is growing every month.

In terms of social media, Replenishing Oklahoma is active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, with partners having the added benefit of also having content shared on Everchange Productions.

Advertising and Partnership Options:

  • Press/Social Media Share Exchange – Free, Reciprocal

    • What this includes: Networking with like-minded partners is the central solution to get the word out to consumers about all the local food programs have to offer. I share your content and you share mine to help promote our businesses and products.
  • Brand Ambassadorship / Partnerships / Advertising $5/month

    • What this includes: Get an exclusive ad placement on Replenishing Oklahoma’s banner or sidebar. This requires a minimum of three months commitment, but no max time limit.
  • Sponsored Interviews & Posts $50

    • Get your brand and product out to like-minded consumers and other consumers with a sponsored interview about your products or services. This will include a 500 word blog post shared on all Replenishing Oklahoma’s social media channels.
  • Recipe Submissions $50-$100

    • Make your products or produce shine and submit your favorite farm recipe to share with customers all over Oklahoma. Recipe posts include a 300 word post about your farm, business and products along with a picture of the recipes. These posts are shared on all Replenishing Oklahoma’s social media channels. You can submit your own recipes and pictures, or give us the produce to create a recipe with.
  • Guest Posting Opportunities $25

    • Showcase your products or local food services in your own words with guest posting opportunities. This includes a 300+ word post, and feature images share across all Replenishing Oklahoma social media channels.
  • Calendar Sales Opportunities

    • And the project that started it all: Monthly Recipe Calendars. Consumers want to support local farmers and food businesses. Check out our sponsorship opportunities and connect with local food consumers across Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Local Food Marketing Services

  • Graphic Design – Starting at $50

    • Do you need a show stopping display for your farmer’s market booth or brochures to tell your unique farm story to stand out from other farmers? These resources can grow your business and take your sales to a new level. No project is too small, so contact me to get started.
  • Photography Services – Starting at $50 plus mileage

    • Bring the beauty of your farm or produce into focus with photography. Whether you want to showcase a farm favorite recipe, produce for brochures or displays, or your farm for promotional purposes, we have a photography package to make your products shine.
  • Videography Services – Starting at $200 plus mileage

    • Take your farm’s or local food business’ marketing to the next level. Whether you want to show your customers a new recipe or give an overview of your products or services, our videography services are sure to grow your business.
  • Marketing Consultant – $50/hr

    • Do you love to grow food, but get frustrated when trying to connect with consumers? We’ll go over your current efforts to figure out what works and what areas need improvement, then come up with a brand strategy that fits your time and budget.

As a local food advocate, farmer, restaurant that features local food, or food-based business, we can work together to grow the local food economy. Follow for ideas and resources to grow the local food web in Oklahoma.

If you are interested in growing the Oklahoma local food economy, subscribe to our blog below or contact us!