Oklahoma Composting

Community composting programs circulate dollars locally, promotes social inclusion and empowerment, greens neighborhoods, builds healthy soils, supports local food production and food security, embeds a culture of composting know-how in the community, sustains local jobs, and strengthens the skills of the local workforce.

Almost half the materials Americans discard – food scraps, yard trimmings, and soiled paper – are compostable. While 58 percent of the 34 million tons of yard trimmings are recovered for composting, the recovery level for the 36 million tons of food scraps remains low at only 4.8 percent.

Not only is this taking up valuable space, but we’re losing precious nutrients from the soil that aren’t being replace. Community centered composting programs are key to reducing waste in both areas.

If you’re interesting in starting a composting program in your community, check out this awesome community composting program resource.

Below are the Oklahoma community composting programs available. The rules are different for each program, so please contact the group before bringing in materials.

Oklahoma Community Composting Programs

List coming soon! Contact us to make sure your local community composting programs are added to this list!